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20 September 2015

A Girl with Azure Eyes (Part 1)

A breeze cascaded through the window. It pushed my hair smoothly. I closed my eyes for a moment, trying to feel the tender of the summer wind. I opened my eyes. I could see the flying birds in the blue sky. Then suddenly I saw a girl passed through the path in front of my house. I wondered who she is. I had an eye on her. She has a very exquisite beauty. Her oval face with pointed nose and sharp chin makes her look prettier. She has red thin lips. But for of all the eyes are the most enchanting ones. They are blue with rounded eyeball. The curved eyelashes make her eyes as sharp as en eagle eyes. She stared at me suspiciously.
            She stunned, when she looked at me and straightly turned around and began to walk along the small path. After a few moments she was gone. I stared in amazement. I couldn’t help meeting this pretty girl with azure eyes. She witched me.
The night came, but I still couldn’t stop thinking about the girl I just saw this morning. Something I couldn’t forget about her. The eyes. It’s hopeless. Scare. They tried to tell something. I want to know more about her.
The clock was clanging 12 times. I forced my eyes to sleep.
            In the morning, I heard some cocks crowing. They woke me up. This morning I planed to go for a walk. I got bored if I have to stay at home all day. I went downstairs. Breakfast has already been prepared.
            “Morning?” I addressed.
“Hi, how was your night?” My uncle asked while he was reading a newspaper. “Good?”
“Yeah” I said, smiling less than ever
            “I wanna go for a walk now, are you going with me, uncle?” I asked him.
            “No. I have something to do this morning”
            “Well, bye”
            “Don’t forget the way home” my uncle ordered me.

            “I know”When I got out, I took a fresh breeze of the village air. I ran through the path along the river. Wow! I never felt this comfy. I tried to go down the river; I washed my face with the cold water. I closed my eyes for a while to feel the cold of the water.
            Suddenly I saw the girl that I met yesterday. She was alone sitting on a rock with her feet in the water. I wonder what she was doing over here. I took a close at her.
            “It seems that you are really enjoying here, don’t you?” I asked her.
She was very surprised, she looked at me unhappily. Her face turned red. For a while I am witched with her beauty. She is more beautiful than I saw yesterday. And I realized that she doesn’t like my present here. I try to break the atmosphere.
            “I don’t mean to bother you, but it’s very sad to enjoy this view alone”
            “My name is Rangga” I introduced.
            “I don’t think that you want to know my name”
“You don’t know me” she replied “better you don’t”
“But I want”
“You will regret”
She walked without answering my question. She just made me curious. I walked home slowly, still thinking about the girl. She is very mysterious.

vocabulary :
azure eyes : bermata biru
breeze : angin
cascade : berhembus
tender : lembut
pass through : melewati
turn around : berbalik

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